Three Riding Modes of E-BIKES

The electric bicycle comes with three riding modes: pure electric mode, pure manual mode, and semi-electric and semi-manual mode.

In pure electric mode, the bicycle runs solely on electric power, providing riders with a smooth and powerful ride. The rider can enjoy the convenience of electric propulsion without any physical effort.

In pure manual mode, the bicycle operates in a traditional way, relying entirely on the rider’s physical strength to pedal. This mode allows the rider to exercise and enjoy a non-motorized ride.

In semi-electric and semi-manual mode, the bicycle uses a combination of electric power and human effort to propel itself. The rider can adjust the proportion of electric power and physical effort according to their needs and preferences. This mode provides a balance between convenience and physical exercise.

By offering three riding modes, the electric bicycle caters to different needs and preferences of riders, whether they want to enjoy the convenience of electric propulsion, exercise in a traditional way, or find a balance between the two.


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