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The following electric bicycle models are on sale at a 10% discount during the specified time period, they are stocked in our warehouse, and we can ship them out within 7 to 15 days. You may leave a message of purchasing quantity through the contact page on the website. We will reply to you in 12 hours as soon as possible.

customize electric bikes in bulk

If a customer needs to customize electric bikes in bulk, the following parameters are required:

  1. Please advise which country/city you’re from, do you have an understanding of the electric bicycle market there?
  2. General styles of electric bicycles: We will need basic style pictures in order to provide customers with initial pricing estimates.
  3. Frame material (aluminum alloy/carbon fiber/steel, etc.) and size (usually 16 inches/18 inches/20 inches, etc.)
  4. Motor power (usually 250W/350W/500W/750W, etc.)
  5. Battery capacity (usually 36V/48V/60V, etc.)
  6. Wheel diameter (usually 20 inches/26 inches/27.5 inches/29 inches, etc.)
  7. Front fork type (carbon fiber/aluminum alloy/steel, etc.)
  8. Transmission system (built-in/outdoor transmission, transmission brand, etc.)
  9. Brake system (hydraulic disc brake/mechanical disc brake/V-brake, etc.)
  10. Tire brand and specifications (such as Kenda 20*1.95, etc.)
  11. Suspension system: It is required to have a good suspension system to provide comfort and stability, especially when traveling at high speeds and on complex roads.
  12. Night lighting system: It is required to have an efficient night lighting system, including headlights, fog lights, brake lights, etc., to provide good visibility and ensure driving safety.
  13. Requirements for the instrument display screen: It is required to have a clear and readable instrument display screen, which can provide accurate driving information, including speed, fuel level, water temperature, mileage, etc., to facilitate driver monitoring and operation.
  14. Charger specifications requirements: It is required to have an efficient and safe charger that can charge quickly and adapt to different types of power and voltage to meet the charging needs of different regions and scenarios.
  15. Seat type (ordinary seat/sports seat/riding seat, etc.)
  16. Handlebar type (flat handlebar/bent handlebar/upright handlebar, etc.)
  17. Frame color (multiple color options available)
  18. Other special requirements (such as installing a luggage rack, basket, mobile phone bracket, etc.)

OEM for Big Brands, ODM for Medium-Sized Importers & Dealers Are Preferred.

We are an electric bicycle factory that warmly welcomes OEM customization from any renowned foreign brands and ODM customization from small and medium-sized importers. In addition, we enthusiastically invite distribution partners and agents worldwide, including e-commerce platform sellers such as Amazon, Shopify, and Lazada, to collaborate with us in offering diversified and small-batch customizations.

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