Production Technology and Development of Carbon Fiber Bicycle Frames

The production process of carbon fiber bicycle frames mainly includes steps such as carbon fiber pretreatment, weaving, shaping and post-processing.

Firstly, the pre-treatment of carbon fiber includes two steps: surface treatment and application of the impregnating agent. The main purpose of surface treatment is to increase the bonding strength between carbon fibers, while the application of the impregnating agent improves the bonding performance between carbon fibers and resin.

Secondly, weaving is the process of arranging and interweaving pre-treated carbon fibers in a specific way to form a carbon fiber cloth that meets the design requirements. There are several methods of weaving, such as plain weave, twill weave and satin weave.

Thirdly, molding is the process of placing the woven carbon fiber cloth into a mold and forming it into a bicycle frame shape that meets the design requirements through heating and pressurizing methods. The process of molding includes multiple steps, such as vacuum suction molding, hot pressing, etc.

Finally, post-treatment includes surface treatment, cutting and polishing steps. Surface treatment is mainly to improve the appearance quality and corrosion resistance of the frame, cutting is to remove the molded frame from the mold, and polishing is to remove burrs and residuals from the surface of the frame.

The production process of carbon fiber bicycle frames is constantly developing and improving. For example, using more advanced weaving techniques and new carbon fiber materials can improve the performance and lightweight of bicycle frames; using new molding processes such as resin transfer molding can further improve production efficiency and product quality of bicycle frames.

At the same time, with people’s increasing requirements for bicycle performance and appearance quality, the production process of carbon fiber bicycle frames will also continue to improve and refine. In the future, the production process of carbon fiber bicycle frames will become more efficient, intelligent and green.


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